Identify any risks that could either lead to a fire


When it comes to fires that occur in the workplace, the majority of these fires are probably very preventable if the correct and relevant fire risk assessments were carried out on the premises initially as required by law in the UK. In fact, employers and building owners must have the relevant fire risk assessments carried out at least once a year by law, which often includes checking the fire prevention equipment, fire escape routes and many other factors that if left unchecked, could present a fire risk.

The main part of a fire risk assessment is to identify any risks that could either lead to a fire or could potentially be an issue in the event of a fire. Once the risks have been identified, it is then necessary to put procedures into place to stop these risks or at least reduce them and also make sure that all fire prevent methods are current and in place.

As part of the assessment, you should also be looking at the people that work in the building, including the risk they are at and the training you will give to them that will be put into practice in the event of an emergency. Basically, a fire risk assessment is all about taking a step back, looking at the risks in the work place and then coming up with a plan of action to prevent fires from occurring and also making sure that people know what to do in the event of a fire.

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