The CSCS has been an increasingly demanded certificate of competence


Since the mid 1990’s, the CSCS (Construction Skills Certification Scheme) has been an increasingly demanded certificate of competence by site managers and company owners for people working on building and construction sites, as although this card is not compulsory, many more employers are now requesting that anyone working on such a site holds one.

Therefore, if you are planning to working in this industry, then it is vital that you take your CSCS Card Test before you start applying for jobs or employment, because without the CSCS Card, you could find your chances are at least limited by the lack of one. The card basically demonstrates that the holder is competent in terms of safety and skills to work on a construction site or project, and as applicants must also pass relevant health and safety tests, employers look at these cards as another box ticked when employing someone.

There are a few CSCS Card Test specialists that can help you to prepare for your exam, including online learning materials, allowing you to make sure that you have all of the necessary knowledge before you sit the exam at one of the many exam centres across the country. Although these cards are, as of yet, not legally required by law, more and more site employers are now looking for them, so stand out from the crowd and book your CSCS Card Test now!

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